J&J Medical Supplies

We are the exclusive distributors for the Benelux of Keewell blood and infusion warmers.

Why should you invest in a blood and infusion warmer?


- To avoid hypothermia during or after operation and in emergency cases where massive infusions or transfusions are needed.


- To ensure a speedy recovery, especially during the first hours after operation, the core body temperature needs to stay at the right level, even in warm climates.


Why avoid hypothermia?


Hypothermia can be lethal. It can result in dysfunctions including:


- Heart and respiratory problems

- Slow down of the metabolism

- Impairing of coagulation which causes blood loss

- Shock

- Renal insufficiency

- Increased risk of infections


Who is Keewell?


- Keewell is a specialized manufacturer of blood and infusion warmers.


- Keewell products are distributed to both human and veterinarian hospitals all over the world.


Why choose for Keewell products?


- Keewell provides tailor made solutions.


- Keewell invests heavily in R&D and keeps pace with the most advanced innovations in this sector worldwide.


- Keewell products are sold at very competitive prices.


- Keewell offers optimum quality and service for its products.


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